Monday, January 4, 2021

how turbinate reduction surgery improved Eustachian tube dysfunction and helped to avoid ear surgery

Bilateral enlarged posterior end of inferior turbinate or Choanal polyp were found to block Eustachian tubes. Simply reduction of posterior end of inferior turbinates helped to avoid tympanoplasty and Mastoidectomy in a young patient. # turbinate reduction Surgery #Choanal polyp #Eustachian tube dysfunction #कान का ऑपरेशन # Tympanoplasty # Mastoidectomy #Choanal polyp originating from inferior turbinates. #Septoturbinoplasty #CSOM #Eustachian tube black age This 29 year patient used to have frequent cold and ear discharge. He came for ear surgery to us. We advised him to undergo nasal surgery first because of his stuffy nose. On table, we found enlarged inferior turbinates and posterior end of turbinates was blocking opening of Eustachian tubes. We reduced the posterior end or Choanal polyp with help of microdebrider. Patient did very well postoperatively. Both his ears became dry and ear drum Perforation healed. So this case clearly shows importance of Eustachian tubes in normal functioning of ears. Dr Ajay Jain, MS (PGI Chd), DNB ENT Clinic: Shop No:1,2,3 DDA Market-1, G-block, Preet Vihar, Delhi. For appointment, Whatsapp or call at 9871166370 Pls see other videos Must see video before ear surgery -कान के ऑपरेशन से पहले कम से कम एक बार इस वीडियो को देखें Cost of Ear Surgery in Delhi (India) Which Ear drop should I put in ear? कान में कौन सी बूंदें डालनी चाहिए Care of discharging ears (CSOM)-बहते हुए कानों की देखभाल Tinnitus-Ringing Sensation in Ear during Coronavirus Pandemic. Taking my silence away Secretly recorded ENT Doctor’s clinic proceedings and released on YouTube.

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