Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not able to speak easily

Dear vicky,

You have not specified why are you not able to speak easily. The causes may developmental or socio-psychological.

You need to meet in person.

Dr. Ajay Jain

Sir, I am 18 year old and till i can\'t speak easily like others. And as u know i can\'t give any interview,please contact me sir
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How to open up the blocked ear because of cold?

The tube connecting the ear to nose gets blocked in cold. so, either to avoid this or to open it up again treat your cold. there are some simple things you can

  1. Chewing gum or inflating a balloon will help to open up the blocked tube connecting ear and nose. The kids will love these activities. There are some toys available in form of a pipe or tube, when you blow them, they produce a sound or some paper work gets unfolded to amuse the child.
  2. Valsalva Maneuver: Close your nose with your finger and try to blow air but keep your mouth closed. The air instead of going outside will go through your Eustachian tube to middle ear and you will like to hear some sound. Warning: do it gently otherwise thin eardrums may rupture also.
  3. Toynebee Maneuver: Again close your nose with your finger and then try to swallow. This is very useful procedure but seldom told.
  4. Contraction of floor of mouth: This is bit difficult but some persons may contract the floor of their mouth to cause opening of Eustachian tube.
  5. Yawning: It is good exercise. Imitate like yawning.
  6. Use some local nasal decongestants drops to open your nose.
  7. Do some jogging, dancing or cycling. You will better with your nose and ears. :-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ear Bleed

Ears do not bleed spontaneously. Often the cause is self inflicted trauma. Often by fingernail or use of earbuds or matchstick. Ear may bleed after road traffic accidents. Tumour as a cause of bleeding is very rare.

In my practice, most often ear bleed happens after a slap on ear/cheek or when someone tries to clean the ear himself. If ear starts bleeding, then it is tendency of persons to put some kind of oil/fluid into ear. I discourage such practice strongly because this introduces the infection into the wound site. If ear drum is ruptured, then infections can go to middle ear and ear can start discharging.

Most of the ear bleeds stop on their own. At the earliest try to consult ENT specialist.

Nose needs no reason to bleed while the same is not true with ear bleeds. Trauma remains the most important cause of ear bleed which is often self inflicted during cleaning by the person.

Friday, March 4, 2011

RE: Discharge from ears,Tinnitus,hearing Impairment

Dear Isha,

Diabetes is a major factor which may prolong the severity and duration of discharging ears and hence further deteriorating the hearing.

Tinnitus can be treated if we can restore the hearing back. I am not saying that It can be cured in all cases but if I can address the cause of hearing loss or amplify his hearing by proper hearing aid and using tinnitus maskers, Tinnitus can be helped.

If you do not want any surgery, then hearing aid is the best option to treat hearing handicapped.

with Best Regards,

Dr. Ajay Jain

Dear Dr. Jain

My father is 55 years old,his ears have been discharging since his birth.He has undergone a surgery 15 years back for left eardrum which was not successful.Past 8 years back he has become diabetic,blood sugar level ranges b/w 150-250(after meals).Later in year 2007 he was diagnosed with a disease named tinnitus,since then his condition has become worse then before.Though he has been advised to use ear plugs and hearing aid,but he doesn't feel comfortable enough using hearing aid throughout a day.After reading his past history

Can you please answer my following questions:
*Is diabetes a major factor in making his condition worse?
*Can tinnitus be cured?If non then how can it be treated?
*Without undergoing any surgery can his hearing impairment be treated.
*Your suggestions Looking towards for your reply.

Yours Truly

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