Sunday, August 30, 2020

Speech Delay in Children

Prevalence: 13 to 27% of school children may have speech disorders.

( JIPMER and Trivendaram study)

In India, Autism has increased  to 8/1000 children.  and such Autistic child have often speech delay and speech therapy is not a option for such children.

Auditory stimulation (like anklets of mothers are missing and joint families are converting to nuclear family and lullabies from grand parents are missing) has become less.

Increased screen time has influence on speech development.

Speech is the motor act of communicating by articulating verbal expression.

Language is a system of symbols that individuals use for communication based on their culture.

Communication of ideas, information, thoughts and feelings between senders and receivers.

It could be verbal or non verbal.

Facial expression/ gesture/ postures/ eye contact/ head & body movement does not require speech or language.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Water sounds in my ear

Water sound could be because of some fluid in outer or middle ear or because of a process known as Tinnitus happening due to inner ear perception of unknown sounds.

Let's put this way. If your outer ear has some fluid entered during swimming or bath or else because of discharge coming from middle ear from ear drum perforation, All this will give water sounds in ear.

Tinnitus happens usually when you have some hearing loss and in absence of external masking sounds, Cochlea picks up sounds of its own outer hair cells as some whistling or bird chirping or machine sounds especially in a quiet environment.

Dr. Ajay Jain

Consultant Otolaryngologist

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