Monday, September 23, 2019

Watering of Eyes in babies (Epiphora)

Doc, Why my newborn has excessive watering from his/ her eyes?  

Ans. Watering of eyes from new born is of serious concern to parents. Usually the passage between eyes and nose for tear drainage is formed by the age of 6 months of fetus. In few cases, this may persist after birth. Most of such cases responds to special massage over lacrimal sac area known by name Criggler hydrostatic massage.

Technique is important. It should be behind the anterior lacrimal crest. search video on youtube. 

Till what age should parents do massage?

Ans.  1 year

When to refer such cases to eye doctor? 

Depends upon severity of symptoms 

Does early probing has any contraindication? 



How to check vision in babies 🤱 

Can be done with special cards

Infantile glaucoma can also cause epiphora and photophobia

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