Thursday, March 3, 2016

Aphthous ulcer over left tonsil was beign treated as Acute tonsillitis.

Hi This gentleman was being treated with antibiotics for left side throat pain. When I examined him, I found an aphthous ulcer over left tonsil which requires probiotics and NOT antibiotics.

The treatment of these two conditions are different. In fact, Antibiotics may enhance the formation of Aphthous ulcers by killing friendly bacteria of the mouth. These friendly bacteria are essential part of defense mechanism  of oral mucosa.  Such patients do respond to probiotics (present naturally in curd), multivitamins (especially B Complex groups) and local protective gel (glycerin). Passing motions regularly, Exercise, good sleep, maintaining good dental hygiene, High fiber diet and avoiding excess use of tea/alcohol/ caffeine/tobacco and junk foods helps in early healing of ulcers.

Message from Dr Ajay Jain

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