Wednesday, January 6, 2021

A live insect in ear at mid night. What you should do next? कान में कीड़ा जाने पर क्या करे?

Live insect in ear is very common emergency at mid of night in my practice. People often do foolish things to remove bug in ear with help of ear buds or using pins. Firstly, buzzing insect makes very annoying tinnitus like sounds intermittently which appears very loud as it is very close to ear drum. Second, it may bite or injure ear drum especially if you try to remove ear bugs yourself using ear bud or q tip. Many home remedies for removing insect in ear canal prove counter productive if not executed properly. Going to hospital at mid night hours is especially not an option for some and costly also in private set up. #Live insect in ear #live bug in ear #first aid live insect in ear #kaanmkida The immediate goal should be to make the insect silent. remember A LIVE INSECT IS MUCH MORE DANGEROUS THAN A DEAD INSECT so just put some readily available oil at home like mustard oil/olive oil/ coconut oil to cut off oxygen of the insect so that it dies. Then wait for the morning and go to first available Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor to get it removed by more scientific methods. Remember, you can injure your ear canal skin and ear drum in an act of removing but yourself. Dr Ajay Jain, MS (PGI Chd), DNB ENT and Head & Neck Surgery ENT Clinic: Shop No:1,2,3 DDA Market-1, G-block, Preet Vihar, New Delhi-92. Website:

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