Saturday, December 4, 2010

Keloid of Ear lobule

A Keloid is a hypertrophic scar which is Vascular, Itching, Spreading and Tender. It is more common at certain location like sternum, shoulder, ear lobule etc. It is more common in black people and in persons with tuberculosis. It is notorious for recurrence even after surgical removal. For this, local steroid injection with hyaluronidase are injected weekly before and after surgery for preventing recurrence. Some costly ointment claiming to reduce scar at most have doubtful benefit at most. Indian ladies are likely to come just before marriage for surgery.

Ear piercing is not advisable over the cartilage pinna but still increasing done by teenager girls. so incidence of keloid of pinna is increasing. More of artificial jewelery is increasing used, which may be another reason for its increased incidence.

I am strictly against Nose piercing because it entails piercing the lower lateral alar cartilage. idealy nose piercing should be in between upper and lower lateral cartilage but indian women prefer the lower lateral cartilage. Even a small granule or rough skin shows very much over face and can lower the beauty or self esteem of person. Recently, i was compelled to pierce the columella of septum with the gold purely because some religious teacher advised the man so for good luck. but this may risk septal abscess or cellulitis.


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