Sunday, December 20, 2020

Which Ear drop should I put in ear? कान में कौन सी बूंदें डालनी चाहिए

Ear drops are often purchased without prescription to use in various condition of the ear like pain, infection, wax and fungus. कान की बूंदों को अक्सर कान की विभिन्न स्थिति जैसे दर्द, संक्रमण, मोम और कवक में उपयोग करने के लिए पर्चे के बिना खरीदा जाता है। This is not right way to approach. Ideally, it should be seen by Ear, Nose, Throat specialist and then prescribed. Still, If you don't have access to ENT doctor, then few ear drops can really help. Then how to choose ear drops? Dr. Ajay Jain, who is a senior ENT Surgeon practicing at New Delhi, India for last 20 years, explains about rational behind using ear drops in simple Hindi language. Wax is often the case for sudden ear blockage where person don't have any issue for long and especially develops after taking bath, swimming or after using ear buds or Q tips. It is essential in these cases to soften the wax first so that it can easily be removed by ENT specialist. In such cases over the counter drops which often has some kind of `wax` mentioned in trade name is the best. When water going from outside is an issue and there have not been any history of ear discharge or cold, then most likely, fungus in the ear or Otomycosis is an issue. then Clotrimazole based ear drops work best. If there is an issue with recurrent ear discharge, then combination of antibiotics, anti fungals and steroid based ear drops work best but the choice of antibiotics is tricky and few antibiotic ear drops can also cause Ototoxicity with decreased hearing.

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