Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sleep Apnoea surgery

Palatal collapse can be anterior to posterior or lateral. both can be observed in same patient during the same night. So a circumferential palatoplasty should always be done

Ideally Dise should be done for 10-12 mins till you see proper Apnoea.

Use thin endoscope as far as possible and thick diameter endoscope may cause static obstruction as well.

Scope should be kept above the velum

Velum is not a 2 dimensional structure. It is a tube and it starts from the attachment of soft palate.

If soft palate is narrow higher up then any surgery would fail and 10-15% are such cases. In such cases anterior palatoplasty can be offered but still results are disappointing.

Glossoepiglottopexy is preferred over epiglottectomy

Palatopharyngeus muscle is key to any palatal surgery.

Scar formation plays a key role in final result so 3-6 months should be waited for final result.

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