Thursday, February 18, 2016

Benign lesion of Larynx appearing like malignancy

An arrow shows the vocal cord lesion. please note the appearance of white slough over the lesion looking more sinister in favour of malignancy
This 50 year gentleman presented with hoarseness of voice for last 18 months. He is non smoker and runs a shop where he has to speak a lot.

He underwent Microlaryngal surgery GA. It was a difficult case as the growth appeared to be pedunculated and appeared to have originated from just below anterior commissure (or just adjacent to anterior commissure from undersurface of left vocal cord).

Histopathological examination of excised specimen showed fibrinoid areas with fibrovascular core with underlining stratified squamous epithelium.

Now he is advised Voice therapy along with anti inflammatory therapy in form of enzymes and low dose steroids for few days.

He is advised to have regular follow up.

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