Friday, January 22, 2016

Right peritonsillar abscess

Drainage of peritonsillar abscess works like magic.  Within 24 hours of drainage, smile of the very sick patient comes back.  Pain is gone almost immediately.   

This particular patient presented with short history of severe pain and difficulty in swallowing. She was not responding to treatment by family doctor.  She was diagnosed with peritonsillar abscess in my Clinic and advised the incision drainage.  

She was taken to minor OT.  1 ml of 2 plain xylocaine was injected in right peritonsillar fossa.  She felt immediate relief in pain.  With hydrostatic pressure, her abscess ruptures through one of tonsil crypts and foul smelling thick pus came out which was collected for culture and antibiotic sensitivity.   

Usually a small incision is given over anterior tonsil pillar to release the abscess.  If incision is not given, the pus may track into deep neck spaces and even into chest causing severe life threatening complications.  

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