Friday, September 12, 2014

Bilateral thick tympanic membranes with normal middle ear

Note thickened ear drum on both sides with normal middle ear and mastoid air cells.

HRCT Temporal bone-Axial cut. Double click to see whole CT.

The author describes a unique case of bilateral thick tympanic membrane (ear drum) with normal middle ear and air cells.

The patient (50 years male) presented with decreased hearing both sides for last few years. He was treated for otitis media with effusion or white debris in his ear canal with good result. During his last visit, the author noticed that his normal ear drums don't have any landmark and has pink red mucosal color.  A high resolution temporal bone CT was down. 

Coronal CT. Note thick tympanic membranes and superior wall of external auditory canal  on both sides. Middle ear and mastoid air cells are normal.
Note thick tympanic membranes on both sides more on left with normal middle ear and mastoid air cells.

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