Wednesday, January 4, 2012

RE: Nose bleeding


Dryness and crusts formation which are picked by kids with fingers causes most of the bleeding from nose in children. See if your child is having cold or cough. Apply any lubricating ointment such as neosporin eye ointment just inside the nose to avoid dryness there. You can also use coconut oil for same. Rarely some serious causes may be there like blood clotting abnormality or abnormal mass or foreign body which should be ruled out if bleeding persists.

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Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 06:48:10 -0800
Subject: Nose bleeding

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my son is three yers old. ha has a problem of nose bleeding. bleeding come through from nose automaticaly and it happend in sleeping time also i have taken a advise from DR in agra but there is no relief in this problem so kindly advice me.


  1. sir,
    The neosporine is ototoxic can it be applied to nose bleeding? If not pls suggest other non ototoxic ointment for nose bleeding because i get frequent nose bleeding by dry nose... Is there anything else that can i use to keep my nose lubricated .... Thanks

  2. Neosporin is ototoxic but This does not get absorbed from stomach or intestine. It's use in nose does not put you at increased risk of ototoxicity. We have been using this for epistaxis for more than a decade now and it works excellent.


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