Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FAQs about Tongue Tie

First Point: Type of Anaesthesia: I often get phone calls where parents ask the question whether the surgery will be done in local or general anaesthesia. Most often the patient is small kid and the site to be operated is very vascular (full of bleeding vessels). So, its is safer to operate under general anaesthesia as this will protect his wind pipe getting choked with blood and surgeon can carry the procedure as planned.

Second point: Indication for surgery: I do not rely over somebody's decision about surgery. The only indication, I feel important for doing this surgery, is if the child is not able to speak t, l, d, dh, th,(Palatal phonetics).Other indication like not able to suck milk etc are not important unless in severe variety of tongue tie.

Last Point: Cost of surgery The cost of surgery is often asked question. The insurance company do not generally reimburse as this is a congenital condition. No request is accepted to distort the diagnosis for insurance purpose. The cost of surgery is variable depending upon the hospital and room category and can vary in between Rs. 5000 to 30000 even. So please do not call for this query. I can only answer this face to face.

After the surgery, child still requires speech therapy for changing his acquired speech for few days.

Please feel free to ask a question here on tongue tie.

Dr. Ajay Jain


  1. my kid is 2yrs and he is tongue tie
    and its heriditary as his father n grand father are also the same but are not facing any difficulty with speech
    but my son can only few words like papa,mama,dada,tata,amma,apa,ya,nana but for ball he says like ba and for car he says ca plz suggest me should we go for surgery or should wait?
    we are from india but staying in US
    iam really very confused plz reply me asap
    dr Ajay

  2. Tongue tie affects mostly palatal letters like ta, da, tha, dha etc. as per your version, he says ba which originates from lips. it may not be helped by release of tongue tie.

    I would suggest you to see ENT Doctor locally who can better judge the severity of tongue tie.

    Dr. Ajay Jain

  3. Hello Jain sir, Am prasanna 26yrs old, having tongue tie and it's a heriditary as well my mom n younger brother has the same

  4. Hello sir m also patient of toung tie my age 23 I not able to pronounce R word properly and some other words
    I felt guilty and feel depressed when I
    Talk with someone is there any surgery required

  5. I have a two month old son and breastfeeding is extremly painful .After searching on internet i figured out that there might be the problem of posterior tongue tie. As u have mentioned that it is not important .. but this is completely effecting his sucking ability. And as a mother i dont want to give up.


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