Saturday, May 14, 2011

Post Operative Care after Septoplasty


Good healing needs good care of tissues in term of nutrition and preventing them from dryness which comes often after nasal surgery. Here are few points to discuss.

1. DIET: The diet should be semisolid for first 10 days. The reason behind is that the excess chewing may be associated with movement of facial muscles and cause discomfort to operated area. Physical rest is an absolute necessity for tissues to heal. Prefer semisolid diet like curd, Lentil Gruel (Khichri), fresh rice, milk, Kheer, Banana, Custard, and Ice-cream etc. It’s better to have cold foods instead of hot foods especially in initial part of recovery period as cold stops bleeding and hot can cause bleeding.

2. MEDICATIONS: ANTIBIOTICS need to be continued for at least a week. Beside this, some form of SALINE NASAL SPRAY will keep the nasal mucosa moist and is helpful in settling of mucosa (skin inside the nose) of the nose. A lubricating ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT is helpful for preventing the dryness near the suture line and preventing infection. STEAM is very helpful in keeping the nose moist as steam can go to every corner of your nose with ease. JAL NEETI is another form of keeping the dried crusts out of your nose and it can be demonstrated by your doctor on request.

3. NASAL PACKING: Nasal packing is placed inside your nose after the surgery. This dressing helps in giving support to the operated area and prevents bleeding from the operated side. You may have to breathe through your mouth for 48 hours after surgery due to this nasal packing. It may also cause some headache, stuffiness and watering of eyes. It is usually removed after 48 hours.

4. SUTURE REMOVAL: It is not needed as these are absorbable sutures.

5. PAIN MANAGEMENT: Pain killers can be given for first three days and then given on need basis. Mild pain on touching the nose may remain for as long as 3 months after surgery.

6. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: It’s better to limit the physical activity for first 7 days to movements inside your house alone. Any exertion can disturb the operated site and cause bleeding. Do not rub the nose or poke a finger inside the nose. Do not travel in a crowded public transport as someone may just pound over your face. A little trauma may spoil the good work done by surgeon.

7. WORK: Do not think about your work or study as a happy & stress free mind helps in better healing of wounds. So enjoy your resting period. You can resume work one week after surgery.

8. You will require follow-up visits for one about one month after surgery at frequent intervals as advised by the surgeon for inspection and cleaning of the nose.



  1. when can you have a shower and can it at least be luke warm?

    1. Hi You can have shower once pack is removed. Do not rub your nose hard or blow it forcibly then.

  2. Hello,

    you can have shower as soon as nasal pack is out or even on next day of surgery below neck and just wiping out face with wet towel.

    Cold water is recommended over nose as it helps in stopping bleeding if any.

  3. Steam taking is good after surgery?

    1. Steam is purest form of water and helps in keeping the crusts wet inside the nose.

      Do take steam regularly once pack is out and bleeding has stopped.


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