Monday, January 31, 2011

Tinnitus both ears

Dear R....,

Any cause which results in hearing loss  can produce ringing sounds in ear. So if we can improve hearing with any modality (Surgery, Medicine or hearing aid), then it should result in diminished ringing sensation.

I need to see your audiometry report and scans to tell you what best can be done for you. You can send the same via email or meet in my clinic with prior appointment. 

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Dr. Ajay Jain

30 Jan, 2011
  Dear Dr. Ajay Jain,Medical Guide Ad Response 

Sender Details and Message

 City.   :   Bronshoj
 Country   :   Denmark
i am Razib.
my nationality from bangladesh.
i live in denmark As a IT specialist.
i have much more hearing problem from 2 months.its coming too much sound from
my both of the ears.
now suddenly it has reduce my hearing too much.i can only hear from very very near to me.
and when i walk,during that time,it comes walking sound in my ears.

i visited denmark doctors,they have scaned my brain but every thing is ok.
even they could see any infection in my ear.
they can not guess why i m not hearing,and why is the sound.but now a days,im too much sick for
the sound in the ear.
i would like to come and get treatment from your hospital if you help me to overcome my ear problem.

waiting for your response.


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