Thursday, October 28, 2010

Your Questions

Dear Sir,


I am suffering with Cholesteatoma in the middle ear bone of both ears and due to it I have lost my hearing power. I have been using hearing aid. I have had surgery for removal of the same but I can not recover my hearing power. Now, my recent CT Scan is reporting that it is growing again.

I request you to kindly give us your valuable advise. I will also provide you my CT Scan images on your e-mail.

Thanking you in anticipation.

With regards.

Arpana Sharma


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  1. Dear Arpana,

    Cholesteatoma is a notorious disease for recurrence and causes hearing loss by disrupting the hearing mechanism formed by nature in form of three bones and an ear drum.

    Cholesteatoma surgery require thorough and meticulous removal.

    Since your details are not complete about the type of surgery, when it was last done and the behavior or operated ear after surgery, I would recommend you to meet me in clinic or show it to some experienced person there itself.


    Dr. Ajay Jain


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