Monday, September 6, 2010


Rules to follow:

1. Do not eat later than 3 hours before plan to sleep. Generally, try to eat early in the evening, and always make the evening meal a light one.

2. Reduce your weight.

3. Stop smoking

4. Do not wear very tight clothing that could constrict the abdomen

5. Generally do not eat large meals, but smaller ones, and in the evening before reclining, do not eat any food on the restricted list.

6. Before sleeping, spend a few moments at a window and do some deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

This will energize your nervous system and can assist in the prevention of GERD if the other measures are also followed.

Dietary Restrictions: The evening meal must not be large, or heavy, and completed no later than 3 hours before your intended sleep.

Foods to Avoid

There are many foods that must be avoided, and the following list is indicative only It is a guide to sensible evening eating. By use of the word "avoid" below, we do not mean eliminate, but if you plan to eat any of the following, eat them sparingly.

1. Avoid all acid containing foods (such as coffee, tea, chocolate, orange juice, cranberry juice, tomatoes and tomato sauce), spicy foods (such as garlic and onion). Avoid all soft drinks such as coca-cola and Pepsi cola, and except for special natural mineral digestive waters, all soda water in any form.

2. Avoid fried and fatty foods

3. Avoid any alcohol, peppermint/spearmint, and chocolate.

4. Avoid as much as possible dairy products, including cheese, egg and egg-containing products.

5. Finally, avoid all chewing gum, and any form of sugar, candy or desserts.

The list above may seem restrictive, but any of the foods eaten in excess before sleep can worsen and aggravate the GERD condition.

Avoid Heartburn Physical Measures:

Arrange your bed and pillows to support your shoulders, and elevate your truck to a 15degree angle. This physical limitation does wonders (using gravity) to restrict the GERD effect.

Simple measures to alleviate heartburn

The three measure, as in common sense rules, dietary restriction and sleep position can limit or eliminate the GERD effect.

Should it not, we recommend you consult your doctor immediately for additional measures, as GERD, if left untreated can lead to much more serious conditions.

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