Friday, June 2, 2017

Surgeon's life.

It's a team work where your anesthetist, technician, assisting nurse, circulating nurse and other staff contributes to success of your case. These people are your family then and it is utmost important to listen to them.

Infection of the Danger are of the face.

Take such kind of infection seriously. Danger area of the face consists of upper lip and adjacent nose. An infection of this area quickly reaches cavernous sinus through network of veins and becomes life threatening. Infection occur here commonly through hair follicles present in the nose.
This is common in diabetic person or in those who picks their nose frequently.

Treatment involves antibiotic often from penicillin group and local Mupirocin ointment locally. sometimes an incision and drainage have to be done especially if patient does not respond to medicines in first 24-48 hours. Keep blood sugar in check if person is diabetic.

Cellulitis of the tip of the nose.

चोट से फटा कान का पर्दा कैसे अपने आप भर जाता है ?

चोट से फटा कान का पर्दा कैसे अपने आप भर जाता है ?